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   - MIND -
    By Geoffrey Wallace Brown, Ph.D.

  • Chapter 2


 Good morning.

Let's talk about disease.

I know that the part about not seeing doctors is the toughest part about accepting Christian Science.

But, Christian Science is not some abstract bullshit philosophy, to entertain academic dilettantes.

Christian Science is vital.

It is practical.

It solves problems.

Like nothing else that has ever been put on the face of this planet.

So, there is a reason for not seeing doctors.

A good reason.

It has to do with not dividing your trust between God and mammon.

What causes disease is mental.

Mrs.  Eddy calls it "mortal mind."

I put it in quotes because it is not really a mind at all.

It is only belief.


That something is going to "get" you.

And that is all there is to disease.

In the end.


And as long as you think, or are capable of still thinking, that something is going to come and "get" you, like a lump of cancer in your breast, or your balls, then, sure enough, in your experience, things like that are exactly what are going to (seem to) happen to you.

I put all these words in quotes and parentheses because disease really is not possible; and the appearance that it is possible is only part of the dream that life is in matter.

It is that dream that is being destroyed.

Not you.

Or me.

Or any of God's little Children.





It is logically inconceivable that God would do or allow any of these things that we call the nightmare of "disease" to occur in His Universe.

To His Children.

It is logically inconceivable!

Consequently, the way you handle what looks like the nightmare of "disease" is to fully recognize the fact that no disease, or, more accurately, no fear that causes disease, has any place or room in your consciousness.

By so doing you remove all the so-called cause there ever was or will be for discord and disharmony of any kind, including disease.

Discord and disharmony are simply impossible, in the perfect, harmonious, symphony that is the consciousness of God.

That is, what Jesus called Heaven.

Conclusion: when "disease" appears, destroy it by destroying the fear that caused it by so filling your thought with God, with Life, Truth, Love, Mind, Principle, Soul, and Spirit, that there is no possibility of there being any place for the fear to reside in your consciousness.

Thus, you have destroyed the fear.

Thus, you have destroyed the "disease."





 Good morning.

The first few flakes of Winter fell yesterday.

I am home.

Home at last.

Don't ask me why, but Winter is the only time of year for me.

I have two down vests; and one large down Parka, with a hood, that I got at Recreational Equipment out of Seattle.

Kathee made me some special dacron filled pants, that I wear underneath my big heavy wool pants.

I got some special arctic boots from L.L.Bean.

Some extra fine knit long underwear.

A rabbit fur lined cap.

And two scarves.

One close to my face.

One for the outside.

The Indians think I am totally bonkers; but they are beginning to appreciate how much fun it is to walk around outside, in the blizzards, all bundled up.

It is fun.

I went toward my little graveyard last night; and never made it past the wooden bridge that crosses Little Porcupine Creek.

I just lay down on the bridge, with my head on one of the planks that the cars use to cross it, and looked straight up at a Cottonwood tree, swaying in the wind, naked as a Jay Bird, with snow blowing and swirling all over around the tree and down on top of me.

There is nothing in God's Little Acre that is as pretty as that security and warmth and beauty of snow flying in the Winter.  To me.

Well, down to business.

I think one of the very most poignant lines in the Bible, The New Testament, was uttered by a guy from Capernaum.

By the Sea of Galilee.

He had come to Cana, where Jesus had performed his first so-called "miracle" by turning the water into wine at the wedding feast there.

The man's son was sick back in Capernaum.

He had heard that Jesus performed these "miracles," making the sick well.

So he had come over to Cana to seek Jesus' help.

He was in no mood for theological and metaphysical games.

His son was at the point of death.

Jesus looked at him, as if to question his state of receptiveness to the Christ, and said, "Except ye see signs and wonders, ye will not believe."

The man ignored the remark and uttered these, I think, unforgettable words: "Sir, come down ere my child die."

Jesus' response was direct and immediate: "Go thy way; thy son liveth."

That was all he said.

He had seen all he had needed to see about the man's receptivity to the Christ.

As the King James Version puts it, "And the man believed the word that Jesus had spoken unto him, and he went his way."  (Emphasis mine.)

Then, as he was going back, his servants met him, and told him, saying, Thy son liveth.

Then inquired he of them the hour when he began to mend.  And they said to him, yesterday at the seventh hour the fever left him.

So the father knew it was the same hour, in the which Jesus said unto him, Thy son liveth; and he himself believed, and his whole house.

C'est la guerre.

There are countless other healings recorded in the New Testament, like the raising of Jairus' daughter from the dead, (Mark 5. vs.  22) or the raising of Lazarus from the dead, after he had been dead for four days, (John 11. vs. 1) or, finally, Jesus' own triumphant raising of himself from the dead, after he had been confined in his own tomb for three days.

Each of these cases, or proofs, or demonstrations of divine power, were steps on his own ascension into the divine life that has no need, indeed, no knowledge of, physical existence.

As we work on each little thing that presents itself in our path as an obstacle, we can rest assured, that, given our instructions to follow him (Jesus), who is showing us the way out of the dream of material existence, nothing is ever given to us to work on that we can't handle.

Indeed, everything that does happen to us along the way has already been prepared there by divine Love, to help us shed the limitations that would keep us from finding our way Home.

"Home" is the realization of our identity, as the Child of God.

Think about the implications of that particular little metaphor.

To be a child is to have a Father and a Mother!

Not just a Father.

Let us make man in our own image.  Says Genesis 1.  vs.  26.

So it isn't that you are just the inheritor of Your Father's estate, if you are willing to recognize and acknowledge that you are His Child.

You are the Child of Your Mother as well.

Your real Mother.

Not your so-called physical (human) mother.

The one that is the counterfeit of the real one.

The One in Heaven.

Look carefully at what Jesus said about his mother and father.

"....call no man your father upon the earth; for one is your Father, which is in heaven."  Matthew 23.  vs.  9.

"...My mother and my brethren are these which hear the word of God, and do it."  Luke 8.  vs.  21.

Jesus recognized (in the sense in which a sovereign power is "recognized") that his true and real Father and Mother were the One Spiritual Being that is God.

The human counterpart is, at its very best, a pale reflection of the true tenderness, care, mercy, loving kindness, beauty, strength, charity, and, above all love, that His true Parents in Heaven were.

Spiritual parents.

Jesus was simply seeing, because of his extraordinarily advanced spiritual development, the true identity of everybody (not just himself) as the Son (or Daughter) of God.

And what you honor, when you honor your Father and Mother, is GodWherever you see father or mother qualities being manifested, or reflected......that is God being your father or mother.

In ways that you can especially appreciate.

And in ways that will help to lead you out of the dream of personal sense, and materiality, and evil.

The Jews were horrified because Jesus seemed to be coming down against The Family.

And against all the other (human) institutions that seemed to give the social structure its stability.

Well, he wasn't.


He was saying, turn your attention, when you are faced with what (humanly) seems like a nightmarish problem, to God.  To Spirit.  To Life.  To Love.  To Mind.  To Soul.  To Principle, or Law.

Principle, or Law, really refers to Love.

Which is God.

His Law-ful-ness.

Law that doesn't break.

Law that heals.


Every time.




 Good morning.

I once told this class that the New Frontier was the Frontier of Mind.

This means that tracks on the moon, or Mars, are ultimately a cul-de-sac.

The answer is in Mind.

Not technology.

Mind will give us all the technology we need, to help us along the way, in what is essentially--exclusively--a Mind journey.

Not a physical journey.

Into "outer" space.

Or "inner" space.

These concepts are human categories.

They are blind alleys.

With thugs at the end of them to beat you up.

The notion that matter is the cause, or the solution to any so-called "physical" problem, including sickness and disease, is the result of human conjecture and fantasy.

It is not fact.

It is a lie.

It is the basis, directly through hypnotism, or indirectly through education, of what we call "illness," "physical illness," today.

All sickness is hypnotism.

Direct or indirect.

Conscious or unconscious.

All sickness is hypnotism.

Notice that I don't say that all sickness is caused by hypnotism.

All sickness is hypnotism.

It is a state of hypnotic trance.

Pure fear.

Undistilled, pure, fear.

That is all it is.

Manifested on, or "in" the body.

The "body" is, in fact, a state of projected thought.

It is not a physical object.

Interacting with other "physical objects."

"All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation, for God is All-in-all," as Mary Baker Eddy says in the most important statement she makes in her textbook, Science and Health.

And she has found it.

I don't care what you have heard about "Christian Science" or "Christian Scientists."

I am here to tell you that this great lady, this pioneer of the greatest truth that has ever dawned on the flickering consciousness of man, has found and identified and written in the order of a Science all of the great principles that Jesus came here to demonstrate.

They are now written down.

They are in this book.

Science and Health.

The whole thing.

Is right there.

In black and white.

The entire set of truths that enabled Jesus to perform the "miracles" of healing that are recorded in the Gospels.

The whole thing.

All of it.

Everything you wanted to know about healing and medicine are right there in the pages of that book.

As Ed McMahon would say.

There comes a point when you have to decide what you are going to believe.

I used to say to my students, as a matter of policy, at the beginning of every class, at the beginning of every semester: "All of the true things I am about to tell you are shameless lies."  I did this to make perfectly clear in the minds of my students, that I could not make any of their decisions for themThey and only they were (and are) uniquely qualified and privileged to make the essential human discriminations about what was right and what was wrong in all the things I said to them.

This got my most important point on teaching method firmly across to my students: I am not responsible for what you think.

Nobody is.

Nobody but you in your own little closet, deciding what you are going to believe about yourself and the world.

The nature of God and Man.

You cause yourself to select (from among the myriad of possible things to believe) your own "Web of Belief," as the title of a book by my old logic professor Joseph Ullian, together with the great American philosopher Willard Van Orman Quine, so elegantly phrases it.

You are responsible for hypnotizing yourself.

When you allow yourself to accept the world belief that would cast you into the nightmare of disease and death, you and you alone, in your closet, have elected to subscribe to the world (Aristotelian-scientific) belief that Man is material, instead of spiritual.

Nor can I change that belief.

All that can happen, in our discussion together, is for you to listen to your "heart," or your "soul," or your "mind," and "see" (sense) whether what I am saying is, or might be "true."

If it is, then you are "listening," i.e., deciding to pay attention to a spiritual sense that is fundamentally and irrevocably different from your material sense, or your sense of the world that is given to you by your third-dimensional senses.

If you do decide to pay attention to the "pull" that your "spiritual" sense may be putting on you as I talk, then you are making a choice, not to pay attention to the world belief.

Which would categorically tell you that I am full of a great big crock of beans, and, what they give rise to.

Because the two views--the world view and the spiritual--collide, utterly.

There is no hope, no possibility, of reconciling the two.

Traditional "Christianity" has done nothing but compromise the spirituality out of its understanding over the past 2,000 years.

Which is exactly why the art of healing was lost to the "Church" at around the third century A. D.




 Good morning.

I was standing in the breezeway, which was made into a back porch, lined with beautiful paneling by Cliff Holm, the guy I bought this place from.

Last Sunday.

We had our first little blizzard last weekend.

Cliff and his wife Adeline are out moving around in various construction camps.

Cliff is a mechanic, who works for Construction Crews working on various Highway Projects.

He is big and kind and gentle.

He is also courageous.

He is unafraid of changing those big tires on Heavy Earth-Moving Equipment.

He used to be the handyman, jack-of-all-trades, custodian for the town here.

He did all the things to this house that I am terrible at doing--the insulation, wiring, storm windows, remodeling.

The storm windows even have numbers on them.

So they all fit in their right holes.

Thank you Cliff.

All of that stuff really matters when you are staring at a blizzard.

Through therm-o-pane glass.

In your stocking feet.

And your boxer shorts.

I watched the Cunningham kids go to Church.

The little painted Cinder Block Church down the road.


There are nine kids.

Wonderful, beautiful, children.

Dick Cunningham is the School Superintendent who brought my wife here in the first place.

He and his wife Diane try to hold down the school (fort) against the rampaging Indians every year.

With increasingly less success.

I made an apple pie last Sunday.

I tried sugar and cinnamon on the crust this time.

I have found that it really pays to cut your shortening, chilling it well beforehand, for a perfect crust.

Or as perfect as these peasant farmer hands will ever make.

Out of the Joy Of Cooking.

I also cooked a Baron of Beef Roast.

But it was a little tough.

I was still thinking about the duck.

The one I shot last Saturday.

I wasn't real happy.

The Lake had frozen over; so I had taken my decoys down to the River.

The Missouri.

And I placed them in a strategically nice little slough, just off the main channel.

I sat in some bushes.

And waited.

And blew my famous little Mallard Duck "Come and Get It" Call.

And these half dozen Mallards came floating by.


Grain fed.

From Canada.

There was snow everywhere.

And they just came floating by on the River.

And swam in to say hi to their buddies.

So I blasted one.

Right there on the water.

I "sluiced" the son-of-a-bitch.

As we say in Montana.

But he was still a hair inside the current.

The main current.

Of the Missouri.

And he kind of edged his way out into the current.  By a toe.

Just enough.

So that I couldn't get him.

So I stood there, on the banks of the Wide Missouri, mighty hunter mountain man that I am, and watched this nice Mallard Drake--you know, the kind with the green head--kind of flap and kick his way down the receding current.

Bobbing along.

Occasionally flapping.

Occasionally kicking.

His one good foot.

Until he disappeared from sight.

Still alive.


"Oh Great and Mighty Warrior!"

All the way down to St. Louis.

Where the Missouri joins the Mississippi.

So, I went down, and gathered up the decoys, which I had just placed in the water.

And went home.

And listened.

For the rest of the weekend.

That is hard work.


What you have to do is to quiet the storms of mortal self.

Human personality.

So I listened.

And listened.

And listened.

All the rest of the weekend.

Until there was such a great and deep silence in my Soul (the One reflection of the Only Soul there is) that I could stand on the Highway, Highway 2, the Hi Line, that goes the entire length of the North-Central part of the U.S., and hear and see absolutely nothing physical.

Everywhere there was nothing but spiritual Beauty.

Even in Frazer, Montana.

The Perfection of the Creation.

Unfolding Itself.

To all and only those who are willing to watch and listen.

That is what Jesus said, when he said, "And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch." (Mark 13.  vs.  37.)

The Spiritual Creation.


Unfolding Itself.

To the eager, receptive thought, that is willing to silence the screaming demands of mortality; and listen for the strong, quiet, calm current of the Immortal that is the identity of each of us.

When you can see and feel that: you have the power to heal.

Then, and only then.

But, you have to be willing to put one thing on the altar, the real altar, not the pretend little toy material symbol of an altar that you find in most Churches: the altar of living Life.

You have to be willing to part with, step by step, stage by stage, your material sense that the material world is what is true and powerful; your mortal sense that mortality is what is true and powerful; and, above all, your personal sense that evil is what is true and powerful.

Evil is true and powerful only to your personal sense.

When you remove, from your thought, the "sense" that you are a person on your own, doing things, that are good and/or bad, you will have arrived in the place where you can hear and see and feel what you have been watching for: the Spiritual Power, or what they called in the New Testament the Holy Ghost, that heals all ills.

And infirmities.

And sickness.

And death.

And misery.

And unhappiness.

And lack.

And deprivation.

And loneliness.

And greed.

And fear.

And sin.

And hatred.

And malice.

And need.

And selfishness.

And self-centeredness.

And willfulness.

And, anything, that resembles, in any way shape or form what we would call evil in our present human experience.

I keep on the wall of my back porch a snake skin, all stretched out on a wood hanger.

The snake skin is about four feet long.

All stretched out there.


Across the wall.

Well, the reason the snake skin is there is because it is a symbol.  For me.  Of what Mary Baker Eddy calls error.

It is a symbol for error, which most Christian Scientists would be horrified at, if it were misunderstood.

You see, error is nothing in Christian Science.

It is a reference to matter.

To evil.

To what is called "animal magnetism" (or the human personality).

To the mistaken belief, generally, that there is any power, any being, any thought word or deed apart from God.

Called "sin."

Any such so-called "power," or "thought," or "being," or "mind" is something that exists in belief only.

It is not real.

Yet, when it is believed, it assumes, or seems to assume, all the dimensions of reality!

Even though, strictly speaking, they are a dream.

And, modeled on the exact nature of what we call a night dream, they are something we wake up from, recognize as unreal, and dismiss accordingly.

As having been figments of our own seemingly personal thought.

Such is the nature of all error.

All of the bad stuff--the belief that there is matter, and that matter has power, to hurt us (or help us), that there is life in matter......the belief that we are independent little egos, out there capable of doing bad or good things on our own, as if we were independent little Gods or Creators--all of this bad stuff is, and will be demonstrably proven to be, a hypnotic nightmare.

It was a mistake.

That is all.




 Good morning.

Last Sunday I talked with Jon and Kristin Gerde, Kathee's brother and sister-in-law.

And who were my closest friends while I was getting through my little nightmare at Whitman.

Kristin just had a little baby girl.

Nine pounds and some.

I had introduced Jon and Kristin years ago at Whitman, when Jon had come down to visit us.

Kristin was is probably the brightest and most talented girl I have ever known.

And she is one person I know I can trust.

To be perfectly honest.

Kristin says that giving birth is the most amazing physical experience she has ever seen.

Although the body produces its own natural amnesiacs, as she puts it, she can still remember that it is such a complete body trip that you are lucky if you can maintain enough intellectual grasp of the situation to have any poise left over at all.

My mother once told me, in response to my eager young curious thought, when I asked her about babies and where they came from and how it felt: "It's like a big turd," she said to me.

Now I know better than to accept that entirely.

But there is more truth to her little delicacy than may at first greet your thought.

The fact that I was over 10 pounds and she was only 5'2", and her labor took more than thirty hours, may have prejudiced her affection in the matter, somewhat.

She claims that I still have a pointed head, as a result of the efforts to get me out with forceps.

I tell you all this to let you know that I am fully acquainted with all of the implications of Freud's tasty little homily: "We are all born between feces and urine."

Physical birth.

But, what we are talking about here is spiritual birth.

Or "Re-birth."

As Jesus put it to Nicodemus: "...Except a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God."  (John 3. vs. 3.)

When you are "born" "again" the "second" "death" cannot harm you.  (Revelation 20. vs. 6.)

Meaning: that when you enter the Fourth Dimension of Spirit, none of the plagues, including death, can any longer touch you.

Of course your understanding, of the Fourth Dimension of Spirit cannot be entangled and confused by any extraneous allegiance you might have to a material Church (a material concept of what Church is), so it is imperative that you base your understanding just on the Law with which Jesus was so intimately familiar.

In the fourteenth through the seventeenth chapters of the Book of John, probably the most important part of the Gospels outside of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus spoke of a "Comforter" that he will send to his followers when they are strong enough to bear it.

Now this "Comforter," or "Spirit of truth," as he alternately phrased it, has been mixed up with the popular materialized conception of Christianity, where Jesus is (wrongly) worshipped as the Son of God.

When he time and time again, throughout the Gospels, tells his disciples it is not me that is good: there is one Good, the "Father" "within" me, that doeth the works.

Nevertheless, his so-called "followers," i.e., the people that popular thought takes to be his followers, continue to worship him, Jesus the Christ, as if he were God, or the Son of God, in a personal, exclusive, unique way.

What Jesus sought to show, by his example, was that we are all the "Son" of God (or the "sons" and "daughters" of God, as Paul later says (II Corinthians 6 vs. 18)).

When Jesus said, "I am the way the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me," (John 14. vs. 6.), what he was trying to show was that when you resign your allegiance to the power of the material world, you enter the realm of the Infinite Power of God.

And your true identity.

As the child, or reflection, of that Power.

Full inheritor of the rights, privileges, and estate of your Father.  (And Mother.)

Jesus had to use these "parables" (metaphors) to get his point across.

It was difficult to express these ideas to fishermen, tax collectors, and sheepherders.

But we have the Science now.

The "Comforter" of which he spoke.

It is, believe it or not, Christian Science.

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