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                - A Seminar In Marble Games -
                            By Geoffrey Wallace Brown, PhD.

  • Chapter 2


Good morning.

What would you like to talk about today?

You know that when I give these lectures to you that I have absolutely no idea of what I am going to say.

Nor do I go back and patch up.

Preserves the integrity of the classroom situation.


Here we are.

What now?

I know.   Let's talk about Spirit.

The main reason Christianity is so offensive to reasonably intelligent people, and has been snapped up by such a host of feeble-minded morons, is because the Church presents it as the deification and worship of the man Jesus.

All the contradictions, and hypocrisy, and self-righteousness follow from that.

The last thing in the world that Jesus wanted was for what he was teaching to be taken personally.

He kept saying, it's not me that is good: there is One good, and that is the Father.

Or, it is the Father that is in me that doeth the works, of myself I can do nothing.

He realized that when he was so perfectly in tune with his spiritual identity that there was no difference between himself and the demonstration of pure Spirit, that then the healing miracles occurred.

So when he used the first person singular pronoun "I" he was speaking directly to his listeners as Spirit.

There was no difference.

"I and my Father are One."

"Think not that I come to destroy the law, but to fulfill it."

"I come with a sword."

When he realized that there was nothing left to him but his divine identity as the Son of God, that is, when he had yielded all of his human preconceptions and preoccupations, that identity became clear to him.   Then he was able to act with all the authority of His Father, Spirit.

What do you think the line "And God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son" means?

Do you think it means that God gave his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to the world to redeem it, as described in Matthew and Luke in the Christmas story?

Well it does not.

We are the sons and daughters of God, (regardless of how crushingly powerfully persuasive is the evidence that we are animals at the top of the phylogenetic scale).

We are the Son of God, expressed in infinite variety.

Wholly spiritual.   Not material.

Jesus saw this.

Granted, he was led to and prepared to see it in special ways.

But, what he saw, in return for his sorrows and tribulations throughout his struggle to overcome human will and human beliefs, was his own divinity.

Which is the same as our divinity.

Only he saw it.

And tried to lead us to see it.

That was what he was teaching us about.

Not his own divinity.


As if he was something to be worshipped.

Check out what is called "the Apostles Creed" sometime.

And remember that the people who subscribe to this "creed" also believe that people who don't buy it--specifically that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and he alone is to be worshipped--are not Christians.

And they teach their kids that.

With all the authority of The Church.

Imagine the implications of that, if what I am saying is true.

For the history of "Christianity."

No wonder it is such a destructive force in Western Civilization.

It teaches the personal divinity of Jesus.

And that the rest of us are "sinners."

The only thing that is a sinner, the only thing in the Universe that is a sinner, is a lie.

A lie is punished for as long as it is believed.

Until it is let go.   Released.

So the truth can come in.

Needless to say, if this is all true, The Church has been telling the biggest lies for the longest time.

Which might explain why it has the massive problems it has in this culture.

I've always thought of not taking the Lord's name in vain as not telling lies about God.

Tough luck Church.

No wonder you have trouble keeping your "parishioners" awake.

When you have someone looking at you with big open honest eyes, telling you to "accept Jesus into your heart," you are looking at a totally hypnotized human being.

This is the chain letter approach to Christianity: you let yourself get hypnotized; then you go out and hypnotize as many people as you can for Christ.

This is called "witnessing."

The Spirit is supposed to "witness" in your heart as you pass the good word on.

Who says Mau Mau has died out?

The "Law" that Jesus kept referring to was the Spiritual Law, the fourth-dimensional law, which is reality, and which is progressively dawning on our consciousness as we are prepared to receive it.

That law is contained in three little words: "I Am All."

They occur in many places and in many ways throughout the Bible.

But it is that law, the Law that is Spirit, that is the law that is our reality.

With all the implications for human life that that law entails.


As our understanding, individually and collectively grows.

As the human yields, the divine is seen.

It's as simple as that.

A child can understand it.

It takes a lot of love.   So much, that, by the end, you have to love the Lord (Law) with all your heart, and all your soul, and all your mind, and all your might.

It takes a lot of love.

But, that love is perfected, with each step you take.

Each of us has countless things to work on, no matter where we are in our understanding.

Beliefs, jealousies, rages, lusts, preoccupations with matter, fetishes, fantasies: the list for each of us is endless.

The law is: one step at a time.

You don't jump to the top of the mountain, Wonder Woman notwithstanding.

You recognize, realize, accept, admit the nature of this reality--the Law "I Am All"--and then proceed to begin climbing the mountain that presents itself to you.

At whatever pace you feel comfortable.

Some like a stiff, brisk pace.

"Head for the top, men, no dallying on the way."

Others like to pick their roses along the way, and appreciate the hike.

Others like to be lazy, and wait for some fortuitous event to come along and nudge them.

Ever so gently.

In any case, the mountain is the Cross.

It is the unwinding of the belief that you are a human, with a human body, with a human mind, that gets its pains (kicks) and pleasures (disasters) from matter.

This belief is a lie, carefully sown at mother's knee, and throughout our schooling (whether religious or public) all our lives.

This is what you, me, and all of us have to overcome.

This lie.

And the implications that it has for all of us.


Consequently, you can't give a philosophical or a scientific definition of man, since those two foci of inquiry are both three-dimensional; both require definitions that relate to space, time, what we can see, feel, hear, taste, touch.   With our material senses.

The material senses, and the whole world they present to us, if what I am saying is true--and it is--is an illusion.

Peggy Lee has a great song out, that's been around for several years (early seventies) called "Is That All there Is?"

She goes through all these big events in her life--the circus, love, death, etc.--and at each one she asks, "Is that all there is?"

Well, that's the way with the human and the material: it hints at, promises, what is real.

But the beauty and power of what you see in the lake is not something you "see" in the lake.

It is a Power that made the lake, to guide us in the right direction.

By putting a yearning (forever to be unsatisfied by the things of this earth) right smack in the middle of our experiences of things of this earth.

A yearning that is so powerful that the only time we are happy is when we are actively, directly engaged in pursuing what that yearning is about: the Source of that yearning.   Whether we know it or not.

When we are not pursuing that yearning, we are off in one hypnotic dream or another--I call them marble games--reaping the rewards of the marble game until we become sufficiently tired and disgusted with it (for not having proven to be a reality), that we turn from it, freer for the experience.

Anne Murray had a great little song too, that's been around for years, a sleeper in the Juke Boxes.


It's got one of the great lines of all time in it (even better than the Beatle's "hold you in his arms so you can feel his disease").

It goes, "The one I love forever is untrue."

Which is the forever refrain of personal sense.

The sense that you are a person, with a mind and a body of your own, separate from God, but related to Him by various guilt-producing rules set up by that mindless destructive church, is precisely the sense that is doomed forever to sing the refrain "the one I love forever is untrue."  Until it fades into the nothingness it essentially is.

Until it sees itself for the hypnotic lie that it essentially is.

At which point it will yield, and give up the ghost.

Human will.






And all the bad things that spring from the one lie that forms the essence of what is not real, the one lie that is the devil, that is the underlying cause of all these phony horseshit intellectual beliefs that we drill and drill and drill into each other's heads, until we are all mutually reinforced and holding hands in the forced security of our self-deception.

The one lie is.......that God is not all.

That there is a little devil running around (sometimes called "me"), that has power apart from and independent of the Source of the Universe, and all Creation.

As long as that belief is held, in whatever form it may take, it will be manifested in your experience.

In what we call hell.

Until it is completely burned up into the nothingness it is.

Jesus had only one thing to say to the devil, this belief.

He said, "You are a liar and the Father of lies...."

And so it shall remain until we relinquish all our human lies, and begin to seek our true identity.

As the spiritual understanding (reflection) of the Power of the Universe.




Good morning.

I would like to talk about the practical aspect of these ideas.

Since we are talking about, getting a handhold on the (only) power Source in the Universe, presumably the obeying of the laws pertaining to this Source should bring us in touch with something beneficial in our lives.

Perhaps, even the ability to destroy any and all evil that comes into our lives, or into the lives of those we can benefit, will be our reward.

It is.

Evil, in any form that can present itself in our experience, has absolutely no power in the face of this understanding.

Sickness, disease, physical problems of all sort, lack of money, employment, loved ones, companionship, friends, injury of any sort whatsoever, war, danger, accident....anything whatsoever that could present itself to human consciousness as a point of evil, ugliness, or disharmony, is utterly and irrevocably destroyed by the full understanding of what I am trying to say to you.

And death.

That's right.

I forgot about death.

That's what the resurrection was about.

Proving that even that last enemy of mankind, the final horror that material sense can inflict upon us--the notion that we can die, subject to all these pseudo-scientific so-called "laws," that would put us in the grave to serve as dinner for the worms, while we decompose at the leisure of bacteria--even this is a bad dream, the understanding of which will lead us to a physical triumph over death, just as Jesus demonstrated in the Resurrection.

Do you remember the last thing Jesus said in the book of John?

Twice he said it.

To his followers.

After he ascended.

And came back to them.

Before he disappeared from them entirely.

And had a few more things to tell them.

Before he was lost entirely to physical sense.

Do you remember the very last thing he had to say?

"Follow me."

That's what he said.


"Follow thou me."

Well, what do you suppose that meant?

Sit around on your butt in a church forevermore, waiting for him to come back and take you away by virtue of your having done nothing whatsoever to work our your own "salvation," except occupy a building, sing songs, and mumble some jumble about the so-called "second coming."

Institutionalized waiting for Godot is the natural dead-end of that course of action.

Or inaction.

No.   The "second coming" is simply the realization of these facts that I am trying to speak to you about.   The dawning of these to your consciousness presumably has the power to get you to move off your butt and shake the sleep out of your eyes and look around to see what's happening.

But you have to work out your own salvation.

Every step of the way.

Nobody is going to come along and "save" you by virtue of your having sat on a bench and smugly subscribed to some doctrinal hypnotic fairy tales while others played outside.

The others who are playing outside the church more often have the guts to look into these things than those who piously embrace each other in the "sanctuary" and feather each other's self-righteous humility.

Real humility is bowing to Truth.

Wherever and however it comes at you.

With a willingness to leave the old forms of truth for the new, when you see that the old are wrong and the new are right.

That is bowing (yielding) before God, a synonym for whom is the name, 'Truth'.

As it emerges in your life.

In whatever form it takes.

That is God.

He is not a person.

He is all and only the entire intelligence in the Universe.

Looking like God only knows what in your life.

But, being God, nevertheless.

Wherever you see truth, or what seems to be truth to you at your point of understanding--that is God.

Until that truth changes in some way, and it is time for you to do some wheat and chaff separating.

One of my favorite amusements when I get around some Bible beaters, who are so bored with waiting for the "second coming" that they have to have little Bible klatches to speculate on all the details of how it's all going to work out--who will get chosen and who will not--is to listen to the argument about "good works."

Now the problem, as it is laid out in these sessions, is this: are you saved by faith alone, or by your "good works" as well?

By "saved" here we mean are you going to "heaven" for having believed all the horseshit about Jesus coming down out of the clouds to save you, how all of the corpses and dust in the graves are going to resurrect and get themselves together and join the party, and how the true believers are all going to have the same body and be in the same physical place with Jesus following this second resurrection.

Meanwhile, all the people who didn't buy this horseshit--the guys playing outside the church having a good time and enjoying life, as it was meant to be enjoyed--these people, the brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, mothers and fathers of those devoted subscribers to faith hope and charity inside, are all going to "everlasting punishment and damnation."


That's what they believe.

To be a card-carrying Christian.

Check it out.

God, by the way, has another synonym: Life.

Where you see life, you see God.

The wellsprings of thought and energy, and hope and prayer, that some of this goobledygook and blasphemy that I am speaking to you now just might be true, come directly from Life welling up within you.

"The truth is within" and "the truth will set you free" was what the man said.

The feeling, the sense, within, that this stuff may be true, is that truth within, that will set you free.

It is Life, telling you that all the material horseshit you have been taught all your life, whether the material horseshit in religion, concerning the church, the rules, or the personhood of Jesus, or the material horseshit in science, concerning the inevitable yielding of human life to the practical matters of the world, like disease, money, and death--all of this is wrong.

Walt Disney was right!

When you wish upon a star your dream does come true.

I have a favorite little piece of memorabilia that I keep in my office while I write you that is clipped from Playboy or the New Yorker, or some magazine with good jokes.

It's a picture of a baseball scoreboard.   Where the Realists are scoring consistently over the Idealists every inning.   In fact the Idealists have no score at all by the time they get up to the final inning, and the end of the game.

But the final score at the end of the box is: Realists 0.   Idealists l.

The absolutely priceless thing I have to convey to you is that the idealists, the Romanticists, are right, and the realists, stuck in their mindless dogmatism, literal-mindedness, and scientific methodology are 100% flat dead wrong.

And we can prove it.

Jesus was a dreamer, a romanticist.

Pilate said, when they had him at the so-called trial, that they should take him away and flog him.

That he was just a dreamer.


But what Jesus knew, and what I know, and what anybody who has broken through the literal interpretation of the scripture can see, is that the reality that those spiritual laws point to is the Principle (yet another name for God) that is the only force really operating in our lives and the Universe.

That force is directly accessible when we know how to put it to use, i.e., when we know, scientifically, how to apply to our thinking the laws which will bring its power to bear on the situation.

This is what Jesus meant when he said, "Follow me."

He wanted us to find out about those laws, and use them, prove them in our experience.

Just as he did in his.

And defeated the Roman Empire.

And changed the entire course of the world.




 Good morning.

Let's talk about hypnotism for a moment.

Hypnotic "power" is the strongest "force" for evil in existence; it is the only force for evil, the only force apart from the omnipotent power of God, Truth and Love.

I put this "force" in quotes, obviously, because if God is omnipotent then any other so-called "force" acting against His Nature has to be strictly illusory.

Which it is.

Once you understand the nature, or so-called "nature" of hypnotism.

And can break its so-called grip on your thinking.

All hypnotism begins with a belief in a power apart from God.

From the moment that belief is accepted into consciousness it catapults you into a hypnotic spell, in your experience, your "outer" experience, which is replete with pain, suffering, and death.

All the bad things that we hate and fear in life.

All of them.

The only way they can appear in our experience, in other words, is as a result of our having accepted this belief, in a power apart from God, goodness, in some form or other.

As soon as we do that, the instant we do that: bingo.

We experience a manifestation of that belief, until, through suffering, we let go of the belief, and decide that we have tried that one on long enough and really can do without it.

This is true of sin.

Or what Christianity has traditionally called "sin."  That is, breaking the Law that is really our nature.

When we break these moral and spiritual laws, disturbance comes into our life, that puts us back on the right track.  The right track of knowing, finding, our true identity.

Well, the same thing is true of any discordance whatsoever, in our lives.  Including sickness, lack, death, unhappiness of any kind.

Somewhere, somehow, for some reason we have let into our thinking a law or a belief in a power opposed to God.

That explicitly breaks the first Commandment.

And, for as long as we hold to it, it will cause us exactly the same sort of suffering and trouble as the belief in the "power" of sin causes us in the moral dimension.

Until we let go of it.

As all sinful beliefs are eventually abandoned as being transparently phony invitations to pleasure.

In fact, this is what sin is, really, as I have said before: sin is the belief in a Power apart from God.

When you believe in that "power" you get to enjoy the consequences of believing in it for as long as it is believed.

Happy day.

The cause of all sin, suffering, and death.

Is not really the devil.

Or an ugly force in the world, rooted in materiality.

But rather, 100% having to do with our belief in a powerful ugly force in the world, having to do with matter.

That's hypnotism.

The belief in the power of an unreal force.

Which creates the appearance of that so-called force in your experience.  Until it is totally burned out.

And seen for the utter unreality that it really is.

Like a bad dream.

That has reality, or seems to, while you're in the middle of it.

But, which only needs exposing for the unreality it is for its unreality to be apparent, and hence for it to lose all its power in the thought of its victim.

Therefore, the real need in the confrontation of hypnotic power, or so-called "power," is not to explain it, as if it were a real force in the world.

The real need is to wake somebody up from their bad dream of believing in this "power," called, say, "disease," and show them that they are evidently in the grip of a hypnotic nightmare.

Not in the grip of a deadly force.

Needless to say, as these thoughts cross your mind, and the fear and resistance in your own thought becomes evident at the implications of these ideas, hypnotic power is a very potent non-force in human thinking.

C'est la guerre.

I told you it wasn't going to be a piece of cake.

But, then, if some joker came down into the cave and tried to shake you awake, and tried to get you to see that the shadows weren't real, that there really was light outside, and that the only thing chaining you inside was the belief that the shadows were the realities of Life, how would you receive him?

Plato prophesied the coming of exactly this sort of vision 350 years before the ("first") coming of Christ, in the first chapter of the seventh book of the Republic.

How was he received then?

Did not they want to laugh at him, ridicule him, call him mad, and, if he was persuasive, to kill him?

You're god damn right they did.

People don't want to be awakened from their dreams, no matter how uncomfortable they get.

They like their beliefs.

They're the only friends they've got.

They really don't want to let them go for the unknown.



Hatred of the truth isn't real, as any good teacher knows.

It is really fear.

That the student can't do it.

That he isn't smart enough.

Hasn't got enough guts to try.

The suggestions come from every conceivable angle to convince the listener (student) that he hasn't got what it takes to do it.

That's why it helps to have a teacher, a swimming coach.

I always likened teaching to being a swimming coach, to my students.  (Which endeared me to my colleagues.)

See, you really can do it.

You can think.

You really do have the intelligence, and the guts, and the love of victory, over anything that would limit you.

And you do.

People are infinitely smarter than they are given credit for, or, than they may give themselves credit for, after a while.

After a time of living all the hypnotic lies about what dumb shits they are.

And living with the hypnotic implications of buying that dream about themselves.

And getting tired of it.

Oh, God, so tired of the consequences of believing that they don't have the intelligence to break out of their situation.

Until, they are so tired, and so weary of carrying around that belief that they take that final step over the threshold, and into the light of seeing what the belief in one's own intelligence, and goodness, and courage, brings to their lives.

People don't hate truth: they love truth.  Everybody does.


Without exception.

People hate being confronted with their own cowardice.

Or what they think is their own cowardice.

At the implications of what Truth is going to mean in their lives.

But, the cowardice is not theirs!

That is what they must be brought to see.

The cowardice is just another trick, another way of getting you to think that you can't do it.

It's all swimming.

The whole god damn thing.

Is no more difficult than swimming.

And anybody can swim.




Good morning.

Let's look at this from the point of view of Truth, for a moment.

From a human's eye view of things there are lots of clouds and shadows.

But, from the point of view of the sun....are there any shadows at all?

In John's Gospel, just before he promised them he'd send them a "Comforter," (the second coming), he told them that he had a lot more to tell them, but they weren't "ready" for it; they couldn't "bear" it.

What was it, that he had to tell them, that they couldn't then "bear?"

That was too powerful for them.

The whole point of tribulation, of being nudged and urged to let go of old and limiting points of view, beliefs, and states of consciousness, is to increasingly get one's thought perfectly aligned with the absolute clarity of perfection itself.


Pure and unbeclouded by human misconception and misperception.

The one following from the other.

A few years ago there was a good song out that had the line, "I can see clearly now, the rain has gone."

I always, whenever I heard that song on my car radio, heard it this way instead, "I can see clearly now, the rain has come."

To human sense, it very often looks like that.

Right where the best possible thing is happening, right where you are: it looks like rain.

The human need is always met; it always will be met; it always has been met.

Sometimes, the human need is to let go of a belief, or set of beliefs, that are extraordinarily limiting for the human involved.

Beliefs that he is ready to grow out of and leave behind like a constricting exoskeleton on his thought.

When that happens, when that time is ready, and the birth is to occur, extraordinary events may occur in your life to induce birth.

They may look like death, disease, catastrophe in your life, from a human point of view: but, underlying all the phlegm and garbage and crap that seems to be going on on the surface of your life there is a deep stirring.

A stirring of your thought to turn to the spiritual.

Away from the material.

Because you are ready to appreciate reality from a higher plane of consciousness.

Let's turn our metaphor on its side a little bit, and see what's underneath.

Instead of a "level of consciousness" metaphor, let's think of a "dispelling of mist" kind of image.

The same image that begins the second chapter of Genesis.

"And a mist went up."

The "mist" is the human dream of life in matter, and a personal man, with a mind and a body of his own, and the presence of evil, or the presence of other gods besides the One Creator.

Who is spontaneously creating all that exists in the eternal here and now, which is the only "eternity" there is, was, or ever will be.

Spiritual creation.

As outlined, promised, and finished, in the first chapter of Genesis.

Before the lies got going in the second chapter, about the reality of the material man, the one formed of "dust," whom God put life "into," and who was our parent, and the first sinner.

And who was named Adam.


The mist in human life that is created by all of these beliefs, which is spelled out in the second part of Genesis, where the tree of knowledge, the existence of evil, and the serpent tempting man are all outlined and identified as the fictitious beliefs that we should avoid.....this mist is what is being dispelled as our beliefs in the power of matter, the power of the personal man, the power of evil are brought to the surface and destroyed.

Which is exactly what happens when "evil" seems to visit our lives.

We think that the "evil" is real, and that makes it a hypnotic dream.

But the evil is not real.

It is the work of Truth: God in our life, bringing to the surface these false and obscuring beliefs to be destroyed.

Through suffering.

If that's the way we insist on having it.

With what looks like "human will."

But, of course, even human will is a fiction as well, which will be destroyed as an illusion when we are ready to let go of it.

Jesus was here to talk about "heaven," wasn't he.

If you search the Gospels you will see that he spent his time and teaching on parables, which were about heaven, on earth.

Right here.

Right now.


All around you.

If you could "see" it.

If you had "eyes" to "see," "ears" to "hear."

He was talking about fourth-dimensional consciousness, or the "fourth dimension."


After the third dimension--space, time, and matter--and personal identity (as opposed to spiritual identity)--are seen to be limiting, illusory, states of consciousness, that follow in the wake of accepting limiting beliefs.

"Heaven" has got to be another dimension of consciousness.

And you have to reach for it.

You have to strive.

You have to search with all your heart, and all your soul, and all your mind, and all your might.

You have to press through the avenues of Truth, and Life, and Love, as those avenues present themselves to you in whatever practical manifestation they take in your life.

Because, as they appear in your life, they are God reaching out to you.

To understand, and be, with Him.

And they cost.

You have to let go of the material, "material" that you used to have, that you used to work with, and go on.

In retrospect, that "material," that looks so real, so confining, so attractive, or so intimidating right now will seem as a playground, or a sandbox.

Right now, it looks like realityR E A L I T Y.

And the more firmly and tightly it seems to grip you, the more hypnotic control it wields over your thought.

Only, actually, (and this is a subtle point), the more firmly it (your situation) seems to grip you, the more the dream is being forced into a corner by the truth (Truth), and the more it is sensing its own demise, and screaming and yelling about it.

In other words, what looks like a disastrous situation, or a crisis for you is really, completely unseen to material consciousness, the activity of Spirit breaking through the hypnotic illusion that seems to be absorbing your attention.

All you have to do, all you have to do, is turn your attention 100% in the direction of Spirit, (Truth), and let the "material" situation take care of itself.

If what I am saying is true, and this whole ball game really is Spirit, or Spirit's activity, then the whole nature of the problem (or seeming problem) was spiritual in the first place.

And, for more immediate practical purposes, like getting rid of the awful appearance of "evil" at hand, the solution to your problem will be (is) entirely, 100%, spiritual as well.

Most people can't buy this.

It is more than they can "bear."

They seek "material" remedies for their practical "material" problems.

Still in the third dimension.

Instead of getting money for taxes out of the fish's mouth.

Or making good wine at the party out of water.

Or, waking up to a troublesome storm in a boat, and calming the waves with thought, and nothing but thought.

Or, in case of needing to keep an appointment with a boat, just simply walking on the water out to it.

Or, paying absolutely no respect to time whatsoever, arranging it so that the boat is suddenly all the way across the lake on the other side.

Or, in case of a lack of food for one's students and faithful followers, providing instantaneous supply for 5,000 men, (not counting the women and children).

Or four thousand, depending on who is there.




Healing, or what looks like the "healing" of some problem, sickness, death, or distress of any kind, through spiritual means, genuine spiritual means, not "faith healing," is the breaking through of the light of Heaven on earth, dispelling the mist.

It is the demonstration, or proof, that Spiritual reality is the reality, and that the lies of material sense which would try to becloud it with ugliness, sickness, and death are illusory arguments that would keep us from seeing the spiritual reality (dimension) of our being.

When it is acknowledged.

The spiritual reality is proven to be the fact, brought to the surface of human experience, when it is acknowledged by human thought to be that power.

When material, third-dimensional claims are what are acknowledged, those are what are evidenced.

Sin, sickness, death, and paralyzing destruction in our lives.

What you sees is what you get.

Thus, you can see, the crucial importance, if what I am saying is true, of getting this little piece of information to as many people as will accept it.

It makes 100% of a difference in your life.

You begin to see that you have been looking at things upside down, inside out....reversed, if you will.

If you take the material "reality," or appearance for what is real, you are subscribing to a hypnotic state that obscures, and conceals the underlying spiritual dimension.

The so-called "material" state of things, a "state" which is so self-contradictory in its "substantive" nature that even its chief apologist--Physics--is on the verge of officially declaring that it doesn't exist, can be relied on to conceal the spiritual dimension by presenting, arguing for an appearance that is the precise opposite of reality.

Matter, to human sense (which "creates" "matter" in the first place) promises you, guarantees you, that it will, sooner or later, let you down in every conceivable way possible.

Do you want to die?

Go with matter.

The utterly idiotic notion that life "originated" in matter will leave you, ultimately, with the equally moronic supposition that it will "leave" matter, when it is done with it, either by vaporizing into a mythical "bodiless" spirit, or by terminating, resolving itself into the nothingness it was before it began.

The notion that you can die is an utterly preposterous self-contradiction, when you view Life from the fourth dimension.

And see that what appears as "death" to third-dimensional "sense" is nothing but the "death" of some third-dimensional beliefs that have given up the ghost.

And, correspondingly, have expressed themselves in the only way they know how--in the self-deception, self-betrayal, and ugliness of a corpse.

Which fully and completely expresses the only reality that the belief of life in matter ever had, ever will have, or ever could have.

What, then, is healing?

What, then, is human?

What, then, is the status of this reality I have been taught to accept, be it the inside of the chambers of a cave or not, all my life?

I am perplexed!

Help me.

If you are a teacher, as you claim to be.

You present me with a "picture" of something inconceivable, something, "I know not what," that seems compelling, yet about which I can't really fashion any picture.

Who the hell do you think you are anyway?

I "know" and can "trust" my senses.  I have got along just fine with them for X number of years.

I get pleasure from them; I get pain from them.  But I have learned how to get along with my sensible perception of the world.

Just fine.

Thank you.

Now.  Who the fuck are you?

Material sense will argue every conceivable argument that it can find on its own behalf.

It will argue internally.

But, more persuasively, it will argue "out there" in the experiences of life, by manifesting exactly what you believe, really believe, at your point of spiritual evolution, in your experience.

Hence, all of the arguments you can throw at me are really being much more effectively thrown at you.  By the experiences out there in your daily life.

That would defeat you.

Pump up your doubts, your self-criticism, your self-condemnation, in the end.

The lies of material sense always end up, after seducing you into believing them, by getting you into your corner of self-defeat, self-regret, and, ultimately, self-hatred.

Such are the dreams of everyday material sense.

That you can "trust."

And have "learned how to get along with."

The goal of material sense (the "devil" if you like, and I don't like, because it makes it [him] seem like something more substantive than just a hypnotic dream)....the goal of material sense, the precise point of understanding or perception that it is 100% devoted to keeping you from seeing, as its lifelong raison d'etre, is your oneness, unity, with God.

With Life, Truth, and Love.

Personal sense, material sense, the belief in evil, all of these things conspire to keep you from seeing your identity, your spiritual identity, as the reflection, the expression, the "child" the "image," (whatever metaphor you want to use) of the One Power, the Only Power, the All Power, of the One God that Moses knew so well.

And Jesus knew even better.

"Before Abraham was I am," he said.

What could that possibly mean? Unless he had "seen" his identity, as one who was never born, who would never die, and who was right now the "perfect" expression, of the perfect God, who was, is, and ever will be his only Creator.

As this fact dawns on us, that we are the "child," or "Son" of God, that dawning acts as a "light" in our so-called "human" experience.

That "dawning" literally moves mountains, raises the dead, and unfolds perfect happiness, joy, and dominion in our lives.

That's healing.

Or what looks like "healing" to human sense.

When that thought dawns, when it springs into our consciousness as the glorious truth it is, the human yields.

When the human yields, as the misconceptions and misperceptions are let go, this yielding, this acknowledging of the One Single Source of All Power, has the direct effect of obliterating the evil at hand.

Obliterating it.

Or so it seems to human sense.

As if the evil were truly there in the first place.

Which it is not.

Because, in a perfect universe, constructed by a Good God, there is no room for so much as one molecule's worth of evil.

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