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"You are obviously a weirdo psycho loser.  This sack of shit book is worthless.  The only good feature of this book is that it must have occupied so much of your time that you were not able to send as many mail bombs".
--- Mark Brown
Brother of author
Emergency Room Physician

"This is Geoff's typing exercise."
--- Walter Brown
Retired professor of writing in the English Department at the University of Montana
Father of the author

"I can think of no one except a vanity press interested in separating a sucker from his money that would publish this poorly written, badly organized, repetitious, juvenile twaddle."
--- Mackey Brown
Professional writer for national magazines
Mother of the author

"Warning: This is one of the most dangerous books in the world!
To read this book is to be caught in a whirlwind;
To have every vestige of your most cherished belief systems utterly destroyed;
To be ferreted out from your hiding place like a hunted, frightened animal;
Until you lie, bewildered and bereft on the wreckage of all your dearly-held ideas ---
Wondering what in the world led you to embark upon this insane journey.
And then, when all of your personal hopes and dreams are finally burnt up in the furnace of truth........
You will find yourself entering a world that you had previously only hoped could exist.
Do you dare embark upon such a dangerous adventure?
Don't say that I didn't warn you !!!!!!!!!!!!
As for the author's mental status....
I have know him for forty-four years and can honestly state that the comment by the author's brother (below) regarding his sanity is absolutely accurate.
Mr. Brown is as "insane" as the only sighted man in The Country of the Blind."
A Concerned Friend
--- C. Whitwell

"REAL MYSTERY is the name of marblegame.  
I loved it especially while reading aloud with dynamics.  Now I want to hear it read by the Author with accompanying music including the Mozart Piano Sonata in Eb Major, both sets of Impromptus by Schubert, the Six Moments Musicals by Schubert and a selection of short piano pieces by Brahms (preferably a Romance, some Intermezzi and Capriccios).  I picture a background scene of mountains, bitterroot flowers, snow, trees and sparkling water from roaring rock canyon with the Author standing somewhere in the middle.  

Best regards, 
--- Barbara Ellis Blegen

"Everything I have read here is exactly what Spirit has been revealing to me for the past three years. It was wonderful to read your writings while my mouth gaped open with joy to hear confirmation with what I feel. Have you read any of Joel Goldsmiths books? All along these same lines..."The Infinite Way" was the first book. Do you feel that more people are experiencing the 'second coming" of Christ conciousness within them? Especially during this traumatic time on earth? To me it is a great time of awakening, and VERY exciting."
--- Anonymous

"Don't worry, the  truth as I, trust not one.  Nor do i trust you except the fact i feel your open mindness.  truth will prevail, tidbit* people are unconciously encoded and cannot leave spectrum without god.  hell on earth, but earth is our only home created for us the phise, the world needs i more than i need it, my conscience is the only reason i will come back to kill evil"
--- Anonymous

You seem to have had a very interesting & inspirational life.  e.g. vol 3 Ch7   I am full of admiration for the way you handled scool (sic) life."
--- paul

"I was so disapointed when I discovered what you are really up to here. It took all of 2-3 hours or reading before I reallized that your many interesting tails cloke what you are really hiding.  You use words like humility and love to bait and switch, then offer a little bite to sample what is about to be offered. I don't have your education, nor even a High School Degree, but I can see clearly through the smoke of fine words and babble to know there must of been a good reason to let you go from the fine school. Don't get me wrong, I agree with many/most of you views on life, but you offer a hypnosis of your own. Very sincere but sincerely wrong!
In hard fast summary, I belive that Jesus is God, and you do not."
--- Anonymous

"you are out Of your fucken mind and should be put to death!!!!!

--- Anonymous

"Wow!   Some comment! (above)   Should I assume that this sort of comment comes from people of religious conviction who feel they must differ with YOUR version of religious conviction…?   If so, I am, as usual, just appalled at how hypocritical some folks can really be…… piously go to church, promulgate the “Golden Rule” and that good, God loving, people FORGIVE and be tolerant of the beliefs others…..  and then turn right around and espouse DEATH to someone who holds a differing opinion??????!!!!!!   Amazing!!   People certainly don't need to look in distant lands to find extremists !!!!!????"
--- Anonymous

"You suck."
--- Anonymous

"After reading this book a few times over in the last ten years, I  see its beauty more and more clearly.  For me, the BEAUTY and POWER of the words contained in "The Marble Game"  lies in three things:

1) the author's clear INTENTION to offer the much sought after gift of FREEDOM to those of us who otherwise do not seek spiritual understanding in traditional venues.

2) the opportunity for the human mind to see itself painfully reflected in these pages...the mind that is judgemental, petty, violent, jealous, and bitter.  And, likewise, the opportunity to experience the BEAUTY of our SPIRITUAL BEING that exists beneath and beyond the thrashings of our minds.

3) the HONESTY and VULNERABILITY with which the author offers us  HOPE on our way to FREEDOM.  That inspires me  to accept that I don't have to be anything other than who I am, and if I meditate on the insights offered here, I, too, can climb my way out of the hell of the mind into that place where Dr. Brown, like the Sufi poet and mystic Rumi invites us: "Out beyond ideas of right doing and wrong doing there is a field, I'll meet you there."

I was a philosophy major at the time Dr Brown taught at Whitman College in the early '70's. Dr Brown, as many students would attest, was one of the most inspiring and popular professors at the college.  His approach to his subject was the same as his approach to life and the lives of his students: he connected with the full force of his inquiring mind and heart.  He supported us not only by offering us the thought and wisdom of the ages, but by respectfully and lovingly listening deeply to each of us as we were encouraged to seek and find the answer to Life's great questions: Who am I?   Why am I here?   How can I fulfill my destiny?  To his credit (and his seeming demise) his great alliance was with his students and their search for truth, which he took to be the heart and soul of the college.

I saw the courage and integrity in that years ago, and as I crest middle age and leave "the game"
further and further behind, as many of us do, I hold Dr. Brown and his efforts to reach us in
THE MARBLE GAME in increasingly high regard.

With gratitude for the COURAGE and TRUST it took for this modern day MYSTIC to offer us this gift, I respectfully offer this testimony,"
--- Barbara Sampson
(Whitman '75)

"You need to watch your mouth."

--- Anonymous

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