Good morning.  Welcome to Philosophy 133.

This year is different from other years because your instructor has found what philosophers have been searching for for 2,500 years, and he is going to share it with you.

Normally we would begin this class with the ethical theories of John Stuart Mill, Friedrich Nietzsche, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Sigmund Freud. But since I have found what these men were all looking for, and since this is the last year I will be teaching this class, it seems advisable to deviate from the normal procedure.

I want each of you to understand at the beginning of this class that I have been carted off to a psychiatric ward for what I have taught. I have been fired from my job for what I have taught. And I have no doubt whatsoever, that, if effective, I will be murdered for what I have to say

People are known for their love of truth.

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